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Congratulations and welcome to Viewpoint Photography. Viewpoint Photography is an experienced, professional, qualified wedding photographer. We have been creating works of art in Melbourne since 2004. Trust us to capture your sweetest candid moments and we will turn them into that timepiece that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Book an obligation free chat today!

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Daniel & Melissa

Marwan was very professional and friendly. He made us, our family and friends feel very comfortable during the wedding day. He gave clear instructions on how to pose, which was very helpful as we had no experience with taking professional photos. Marwan made the most of the day making sure to take lots of photos of the ceremony, reception, friends and family and even found the time to take some great bride and groom photos. He offered a great service and even went above and beyond to make sure that the lighting was perfect during the ceremony! I especially liked the candid photos that he took and the editing of the photos was well done!

Edeson & Nawal

Our wedding day was captured in the most beautiful light thanks to Marwan from Viewpoint Photography.

From the moment we met him, it was clear that Marwan is not just a photographer, but a passionate artist dedicated to capturing the essence of every moment. His patience, professionalism, and genuine passion for photography made us feel at ease and truly special throughout the day.

The photos we received were nothing short of stunning, a testament to Marwan’s exceptional skill and his eye for beauty. He managed to encapsulate the love, joy, and warmth of our wedding day in every shot.

Marwan, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our day unforgettable and for giving us the gift of reliving those precious moments through your beautiful work. You are a true professional and anyone would be lucky to have you capture their special day.

Peter & Stacey

We had Marwan as our photographer for our wedding and he was absolutely spectacular. We recommend him a thousand times over!

From the very first consult, Marwan made us feel at home. He was very generous with his time and ensured we felt comfortable. Additionally, he was very easy to speak to and we felt very comfortable to ask any questions.

Marwan was with us for nearly 12 hours and the entire time he provided great spirits, laughter and overall great vibes. He is a mild mannered man and genuinely nice.

Finally, and very importantly, Marwan’s eye for photography is impressive. He knew the right angles and poses and is creative in the way he takes photos. The final quality of the photos were excellent, we love the way he took a variety of planned but also candid shots. He used the wedding dress in such a creative way for us to have magnificent photos. Additionally, we are a huge fan of his black and white photos!

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We have been creating works of art in Melbourne since 2004

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